Friday, April 29, 2016

Flexible Tracks for LED Track lighting in Singapore

We have always been confined to track lighting being in linear or straight form. How about flexible track lighting systems and LED track lights!

Have you ever thought of a complete circular track on your ceiling instead? With our internationally capable strength in lighting technology and available hardware, we are probably the only one in Singapore that can quickly deliver such a set up!

What are the benefits?
- Reduce the effective displacement/distance between your light and object.
- A leap of modernity in track lighting display.
- Able to light up the entire house / space evenly.

The costs or factors of considerations;
- We will be equally honest in that such a set up that makes u the rare few people in Singapore to have such a lighting master piece will not come too cheap!

The entire catalog and flexible track lighting kit can be obtained from our website under track lights.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Interactive lighting set ups! The light is alive!

Being a leader in LED lighting technology, we have been growing with the LED lighting industry since mass adoption 6 - 7 years ago. Till date, we are still humbled by the potential of the entire lighting industry. Light is everywhere in everyone's lives. What we do help give us the opportunity to learn about everything and anything. Such lighting know-how benefits our position to provide great lighting that fits in to different people and environment. Away from general lighting today we share the following;

INTERACTIVE Lighting set ups!

- Light that senses people
- Light that reacts to people
- Light that communicate with people (through hardware for obvious reasons at present)
- Light that heighten the imagination and creativity of people
- Light that inspires creativity!
- Light that break down original perception and metal boundaries!

In our opinion, the above steps are how people grow over generations and develop to be more sophisticated. If you run through the above, you may see how each step is a build up of the previous.

At least in Singapore or in my line of work, i'm delivering the last 2 steps to clients and people. From well know companies trying to make a lasting impression on their brands to a simple hawker lighting up his sign boards with colourful lights to attract customers. Now, let us give a teaser to what is interactive lighting.

Many years back we did this for volkswagon GTI launch in Singapore. Using sensors, sounds, lightings and controllers, we allow any walk in guest to feel like they are speeding down the high way. We were probably the first few that is able to create such public set ups of interactive lighting in Singapore. Now we are exploring how technology can create a even more power expression!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Apple cuts OSRAM for Philips - Supply LED lighting components (02/04/16 The Straits Times)

From the article dated 02/04/16 Saturday on The Straits Times.

It is interesting to figure out the reasons behind the changing Osram to Philips by Apple in its LED lighting component supply.

Normally we would associate it with some reasons such as;
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Technological advancement and stability
4. Size of component
5. Relationship

Our key interest lies in whether Philips Lumileds division has a much superior LED chipset at a lower cost compared to Osram.

These days we have LED efficacy achieving 160 - 180 lumens/watt. This means in general; we can use less electricity to achieve a brighter effect. The concern in my opinion will usually be in the heat dissipation, especially when it comes to end consumer electronic devices.

I've often accidentedly turn on the flash light function when the phone is in my pocket. Within 1 - 2 minute, i can usually feel a heat source on my thigh. We'll probably need a sensitive LED to know when they should light up and when not to. This brings me to the point of smart lighting. With Apple and Cisco tying up to trial on light fidelity, it may be possible to rope in the expertise of Philips and it's Lumileds know-how.


Disclaimer: The above write up is purely my own observation and review of situation based on information sourced on mass media. Illuminating Asia and I should not be responsible on how my opinion is interpreted by any should it be used. One should verify the facts prior to citation and we are not liable for any actions arising from the use of this information / write up in anyway on any person.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Floating in the midst of space with LED lights?

Do check out the Artscience museum at Marine Bay Sands if you want to feel like you are in a Starwars movie.

Besides the many great digital artworks by Teamlab, the most notable and intriguing was the 180,000 pieces of LED lightings strung together to create an amazing galaxy. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way we can be to feel like in space!!

With the RGBW LED modules, i'm very sure a hugh amount of time is spent in stringing and laying things on site together. Then we have the programmers working out to program each LEDs to complement one another. It is really an amazing experience for the sense standing in infront of all the lights that glows, glitters, explodes and dim down with the soundtrack playing at the back.

From bright white, to cold blue to a plethora of colours, the entire lighting set up was synergistic. (I've then taken close up of the LEDs used)

Whatever i say is probably an understatement of that exhibition. For LED lights lovers and space dudes, seriously you should check it out. Kudos to the museum and Teamlab for bringing on this Art piece in Singapore!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Light therapy to reduce jet lag?

For the frequent flyers, jet lag is often a bane to be dealt with. Especially so when you need all the vigour and attention to be in tune with things the moment you land.

We came across an article on The Business Times dated 04 March 2016 where the A350s airplanes being delivered to SIA has employed suitable lighting designs to reduce jet lag for passengers.

Airbus A350 interior lighting 

Airbus A350 interior lighting 

That prompted us to explore more in depth how lighting designs can really reduce jet lag.

Factors causing jet lag;
1. Body clock can't adjust to different time zone
2. Body and mind being awake at the wrong timing during flight

Morning sun rise in Tibet

Gathering information from numerous reports, the most effective and free solution is to immerse yourself in natural light. Lighting itself will sub consciously adjust our mental frame work. Directly, it affects our physiology and behaviour is little ways to bring our body and mind to same momentum.

If you touch down in between 3 - 5am and feeling awake, you might want to give yourself a good work out in the outdoors. Yes you may still feel tired towards the mid day,  but you sure recover 1 day earlier than most who tries to sleep it out immediately.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Using Light to wirelessly send data !! Light fidelity !! Apple experimenting with LI-FI

Many researches are being done to use lighting as a source to transmit data wirelessly.

The most basic and common understanding of the above will be our traffic lights. Depending on the lighted colours and whether it is flashing or not, it provides information to users. Of course that is because we have learnt and pre-define the lighting presentation.

Fast forward to 2016, we are actively exploring how LED lightings are able to transmit signals to a receiver where it had been programmed to understand the language of lights. With it, tremendous amount of costs in infrastructure can be saved.

LED Lightings being a point source focus pulse lighting with standardise frequency in its operations (specific models) allow communicate to be made simpler. It is also possible to achieve high speed transfer of data packages.

I've come across a recent report that Apple is experimenting with this technology in its products. In time to come, this will surely be the next break through in the lighting industry.

Latest iOS code showing LiFi capabilities for future iPhones

Experimental set-up of a Li-Fi receiver

Imagine with just normal daylight  (CCT: 6000K) light bulbs and we can enhance the wireless network in your homes, offices and living spaces. Not only will internet linked security systems be enhanced, gamers and end users will also not be frustrated with inconsistent network signal strength.



Monday, February 8, 2016

Key players in direct AC LED applications! (No Drivers for LED lighting)

LED lighting is already well known as a small and efficient light source. Can we make the LED lighting more user friendly, more efficient and less complicated for users?

YES! we use LED lightings without an external driver!

It is widely known that almost all LED lights are DC operated and require a driver/transformer to make it light up. The lifespan of the LED luminaire is often dictated by the lifespan of its' driver. Installer also have to consider storage spaces and cater sufficient wires/cables/conduits for the LED drivers for future easy maintenance. 

1. Why can't we just install the LED light source as it is and disregard this electronic driver thing totally?

2. Can lighting be just a one step and one item process? Being low voltage device; the LED lighting source itself is generally quite safe.

With the  current available technology, some top tier manufactures have begun to integrate an AC module or a little black chip on the LED lightings' PCB itself. This eliminate the need for an external driver. Well, if the lighting fails after years of usage, we just change it as it is. Isn't this much simpler?

As we continue to sell LED lights with drivers in Singapore and across the world, we are also exploring and working with partners on direct AC operated LED lightings. Stay tune for more with us as we bring on more research and development in this area!

Some key developers and my references in this field;