Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SMART Lighting is the way to go?

With the advancement and stability from LED lightings, SMART technology has been finding its way with the LED lighting products.

LED Lighting products uses a AC-DC converter or driver primarily. Any supposedly SMART technology will need to work compatibly with the LED lighting driver. Irregardless of the different protocols available today (Belkin wireless technology, Broadlink hardware, Zigbee Mesh system, Philips Hue or General Electric GPS enabled lighting) the key is the wireless technology and the driver of the lighting.

The compatibility to a LED Driver is also one reason why a single protocol is unable to dominate the LED lighting world an be applicable to all lights.

Is the ability to dim, sense and capture data really SMART lighting? We beg to differ. The true SMART Lighting is about allowing the light to receive signals and relay or reply with a feedback to the user or central monitoring system. While some companies above are working hard on this, it is all at testing phase.

Imagine using light waves to transmit information! You can then do away even with your fiber optic cables. We'll keep you posted soon on our latest LED SMART technology developments!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Aug 15 (Grey theme)

Grey - a very standard colour used widely in homes around Singapore. Many people often pair it with black, white or a different tone of grey. How can we make grey more exciting?

Some low cost / free ideas we will consider personally;
1. Concentrate your grey colour on a design (e.g. a tree, a wall mural or art) instead on cabinets.
2. Shade your grey gradually from light to dark tone.
3. Using coloured lighting fixtures and warm lighting to balance the cold / stony feel of the grey.
4. Put your grey colour on the flooring rather than wall, ceiling or cabinets!

Today we shall bring you some new modern contemporary usage of grey in homes to make things come alive. Our aim is to inject vibrancy and energy to homes.

Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of the above design and creation. We are merely sharing what we come across as slightly more interesting design for grey based interior design.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Designer Lighting Solution arm is up!!

Being a pioneer in LED lighting Singapore and providing professional LED lighting advice for over 6 years, we've now developed a design arm to provide greater value to your projects and business.

We'll be able to provide and design unique affordable lighting solutions using high quality lighting sculptures that are available from our Italian counterpart. Our solutions and capability will be available all across the world.

Our strong supply chain in lighting across the world will save you time in sourcing, fabricating and producing quality affordable lighting solutions to your clientele.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lens for LED lights making a difference in the lighting world

Through our research and experimentation in LED lighting fixtures, we are keen to share how different types of lens achieves different lighting effects.

With appropriate lens, one can control the following attributes of lighting;

1. Beam Angle
2. Effective lighting distances and size of lighting area
3. Colour of the light
4. Shape of the lighted area 
5. Reflection on the objects' surface
6. Shadow effects
7. Objects' appearance on photos by a digital / analog camera
8. Blending light with the environment
9. Glare level to people's eyes and products

For different clientele and requirements, lens can be custom built to achieve the most desired lighting effect in high end commercial and hospitality establishments. 

With smooth integration of lighting in one's environment, it communicates an immediate emotional impression to customer of one company's brand, quality and their drive for perfection. Ask yourself how do you feel when strolling into a Chanel store compared to a typical departmental store? 

Engage our lighting consultancy services to understand how we create emotional attachment of customers to your spaces. 

Here are some examples of the lens available.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Jul 15 (Gold theme)

Hi all, our sincere apologies for skipping the June 2015 edition. Now, we are back with the latest July 2015 edition on the GOLD Theme.

Using gold in interior design is never just about being exquisite. From ancient architectures to modern trinkets, gold is always an element and colour that gives a sense of strength to objects. Moving beyond the cliche idea of power and nobility, gold colour gives a sense of stability to an environment.

In lighting, correlated colour temperature ('CCT') of 2200 - 2500K provides the closest match to gold lighting colour. Remember how you have stepped in to TWG tea shops and feel the golden aura? Thats the colour.

Note that this lighting colour is within the warm lighting. Some people also refer this easily as warm white catagory. As such this often creates a confusion when people talk about warm white lighting colour tone.

Here we look at a few ideas of having gold colour in homes! You might be astound that gold colour can actually help soothe a hectic day. At least for me, gold has an ability to take my mind away from work. It might be same for you. Enjoy the pictures!

Having a wall mural with golden yellow background adds grandiose and firmness to an environment

One is able to have pendant lights with gold interior finish. You might gaze into it longer than you expect.

Our personal favourite. Simple golden mosaic for your kitchen wall. A cheap simple method that camouflage dirt well. 

A simple ornament from Chatuchak @ Bangkok. Hang it to your walkway from the door and you get a good ambience.

An easy to get golden pendant light. It might seem crude until you hang it center of your living room and see how well it blends in with the environment. We experience the same thoughts too.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Projection mapping - visual display technology with light!

With the recent SEA GAMES held in Singapore, many have witness the vivid and vibrant display of lighting graphics on the field of Singapore Stadium!

Today we would like to share what we know of the technology. The name of this process is 'projection mapping' or 'video mapping.' It is a form of augmented reality. That is to have our eyes and mind see an image although it doesn't really exist in real form.

This method is often used in our festival of lights, Arts nights, Asian Civilisation museum and even our Singapore National Museum previously. The basic application is have video lights projected to a wall surface. While the video moves, it is often that viewer is able to distinguish the real surface and the video effect.

A highly skilled lighting videographer will be able to go beyond just using the facade of a building as a display screen. They should enable the whole building to come alive through manipulating the projection lights.

(E.g. Viewer is able to see and sense a building jumping out of its' skin and cascading towards themselves. That sub-conscious sense may make a person move themselves to avoid being 'hit' by the building. Such an experience is the real power of projection mapping and should be considered the real success of interactive visual display technology.

As a lighting consultant, we would think that knowing the capability of your hardware and the environment is 2 essential criterias for a successful video display show!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LED Track lights for residential projects

LED track lights is gaining much popularity these days to accentuate a feature wall. Tracklight is commonly also known as a spotlight. Till today, track lights is often using 50w Halogen light bulbs that are not only very hot, but spoils easily.

With the development of LED lightings, it has brought about a hugh change to conventional tracklights. With the LED being small and 80% less hot than a halogen spotlight; many new designs and application can be created.

We are often faced with ugly boring looking cylindrical tracklights that juts out at the ceiling. Whatever designs you have might just be spoilt by incompatible tracklights.

With our experience in lighting, allow us to show you some sneak peeks to the tracklight we will be launching soon with our upcoming month end warehouse sale.

Savour the elegant yet simplistically designed modern tracklights!