Friday, November 27, 2015

EL wires (Electro-luminescent) lights - X'mas promo 2015

​Illuminating has a special promotion for lightings – EL Wires during this X’mas season. Price is almost as low that you might not get it cheaper anywhere! (Guess the price? S$1.50 per meter! Yes it is… and they are all original and brand new. )
EL Wire, also known as electro-luminescent lights, are a simple and generally safe LED lighting application. This can be used almost anywhere from sticking it to clothing, dashboard of cars, bicycle, wall décor and many more.
The subtle physical impression transforms into a great lighting art piece when the environment dims down. EL wires are good for outlining objects with lights to give a different visual art form in the dark.
Limited stocks available. Do hurry contact us if this lighting is what you need for your décor in homes, on objects or for events! I’m sure this is one of the cheapest lighting products available in Singapore.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Great design lighting with creative lighting accessories

Sharing great designs in lighting and effects might be our forte. But, we are always on the lookout how can lighting be made fun?

Having some funny, cute or elegant lighting may be the key to having a great ambience immediately. But, we would like to share our new found accessories to accompany our good lightings for homes.

How the make our light switches less boring?

There is a simple and highly affordable method everyone can do for their homes. It certainly adds a sparkle to modern homers who like some zest of fun at home! Light switches wall decals/stickers

We compiled some nice Light switches decals below for your enjoyment! Having some pun or fun can be this easy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Nov 15 (Grey theme)

"GREY !! Come on, how can this be funky or exciting? It is a colour for convenience at best." - This is a common perception received from our fact finding.

Nonetheless, grey is the latest new neutral colour since 2014. It has recently taken the spotlight, upstaging it’s most neutral and common cousins; taupe, beige and ivory.

The neutrality of which is the core element why most designers like to work with this colour. We are intrigued to discover that different shades of grey allows easy manipulation between 'hot' and 'cold' neutral. Not sure whats hot or cold? (Imagine the feeling each gives you; Warm lighting 2700K or Daylight 6000-6500K)

This is the new must have essential colour that’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic.  Grey is becoming the ultimate neutral because it looks good with almost any colour. Classic Grey is a modern neutral that creates a light, airy feeling, yet adding more warmth to a room than basic white.
Grey has proven itself as the perfect backdrop ranging from classic to modern to contemporary.

Grey might make a room slightly dimmer or dark. One can place a mirror adjacent to the windows to maximise the inflow of natural light. This adds life and energy to a room!

Also, be sure to have more than one overhead light in your space, two sources or more will be suffice to light up your space. It is getting popular in Europe and Asia where many people enhance indoor lighting with sconces. Choosing a proportionately sized lamp and placing it well is key to good illumination. 

This shadow coloured hue is a colour that really benefits from being well lit.

This month's article prepared by Ms Jane Sim - IASPL's Lighting consultant.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

LED Lighting Singapore - Smart lighting controls specific to Drivers

Dear readers,

As we continuously progress from traditional lighting fixtures to lighting controls and now SMART lighting configuration, the key focus still revolve around lights. Lighting can be easily controlled just by using the right kind of drivers. This is like the processor that talks to both the lighting and computer/signal system. Although many forms and brands in the market, all one needs is to know the protocol behind it.

There is an increasing take up rate on DALI or DMX protocol. I would prefer this as it is a protocol that is mass market and not restricted to any firms claiming proprietary rights!

There are more exciting LED and OLED lighting applications coming up soon which we will share. Stay tune! Besides smart wearable devices using OLED to illuminate display, we'll share something even more exciting that might just pave the way towards a new technological era in our lives!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

SMART home lighting control system - Oct 2015

Hardware or things needed for a SMART home lighting control system;

1. WIFI (most homes would already have it in Singapore)

2. A Smartphone or tablet or a cool tech savvy wall switch.
Portable lighting control. From your Smartphone to tablet. Simple, elegant and easy to apply!

3. A central device; where your internet data cable and the DMX drivers are linked together. This is the central nerve system for your SMART home set up. It would allow the possibility for all electrical devices to be linked up and controlled via wifi.
* Note there are many vendors in this field. Do understand each gateways' pros and cons!
Picture from:

4. DMX driver 

5. Good quality lighting

6. Software for your smartphone to communicate with the central device.

Disclaimer: We are merely sharing what we have come across during our lighting consultancy work and research. We do not claim ownership of the pictures nor that the items presented in the above are all compatible with each other. For interested parties, please feel free to contact us where we will consider your budget, needs and resource availability to achieve a smart home. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Oct 15 (Black and White theme)

After our August 2015 theme, we decided to combine Sept and Oct 2015 together; with the 2 most common colours used for their homes; Black and White theme. These classic colour combination makes any room — from living room to bedrooms — sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

In our own opinion, there are some things to note for a black/white theme;

1. The place will probably feel darker even in the day. It might also create a serious or uptight emotions unknowingly. As such having a good window or natural light exposure will be a good balance to a black/white theme.

2. Unsure how much black or white is sufficient in a living space? Start by giving a quantifiable percentage on the proportion of black and white in a room. This will help narrow down your options. Say, i want 30% black in a room otherwise it might seem too scary at night. That means the walls are probably not going to be black. Instead the black can come from a rug, your TV screen and the aesthetic lightings.

3. Remember that shadows are a different tone of black. Without proper positioning of furniture and lightings, you may unexpectedly create more black in a surrounding than what you wanted.

4. Use a little silver, gold or warm white lighting to bring out the warmth in a black/white home. This theme is a fine line between being a place of coldness or of warmth.

Herein, we'd like to share 5 beautiful homes that we encounter that can be easily DIY by anyone. All you need is some good lightings and furniture to bring out the glam in black/white.

Examine how natural light enhances a black/white space

A lighter tone black walls, golden pillows, glossy black table lamp 
Modern black pendant lamps and tables/chairs, motif black wall paper
Warm table lamp, black white feature wall on left and right
Modern art piece as center focus of room, vertical trellis beam wall
Disclaimers: Please note that the pictures shown do not depict our own works. We are just excited and eager to share some nice homes based that fits in to our theme and under any situation did we receive any form of incentives from the owner's of the works.

References and bibliography:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Lighting Perfection

The perfection in lighting.
A peaceful short video showcasing quality craftsmanship.
"Beauty is subjective
You can like what others don’t
But, perfection is perfection." - Enzo Catellani.