Friday, December 12, 2014

Favourite Christmas tree design with LED lights

LED Lights is the mainstay these days in X'mas decor and set up.
Here, we share some of the Great Christmas tree setup in a wonderful bless Christmas setting!

1. New York City:

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

The angels bathed in golden warm white lighting is splendid.

2. Germany

Giant Christmas Tree In Germany 

How big can a Christmas tree grow? Its a sky scraper Xmas tree with lights. Grandiose

3. Italy

Monte Ingino Christmas tree on mountain slope***

This is definitely our favourite. It is so inspirational; imagine you are a resident in the valley below. Looking up every night in the cold winter to the colourful lighted tree. Such tranquil view that provokes reflection.

Reference to where we found such beautiful lighted Christmas trees. We ought to share!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas and Lights in Singapore 2014

A merry merry Christmas in Singapore 2014!

Every year, Singapore's famous Orchard road will burst out with colourful lights for Chirstmas. This year is no different. With the easy installation and bright sparkle of LED lights,  these have help made our fame orchard road shimmer in multiple soothing colours to welcome the festival.

Kudos to Orchard Retail management for having this every year to brighten the Christmas season for Singaporeans!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dimmable LED; is that possible?

DIMMABLE LED LIGHTING; is that possible?
A common problem is the flickering of that dimmable LED lighting when you try to dim it to a low brightness.

There are just too many stories about its stability and compatibility issues with existing dimmers. As end users, we just want the LED to work with existing dimmers in our place. This eliminates any additional labour or electrical work required.

Attached picture describes how a typical dimmer will work for incandescent.

The key lies with the LED DRIVER. Generally, we have tested that the LED driver has to be constant current for it to work well with existing dimmers*. Take a look at the video we made to show dimming does work with our Elektra series downlight with a standard dimmer.

*Disclaimer: This is based on the test conducted with our constant driver and available dimmers in our showroom. The effect may differ on a case by case basis for each situation.

Picture above adopted from:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elegant, sophisticated, High quality luxurious Black LED downlight

LED recessed ceiling downlight that complements modern and Manhatten style.

Using high quality LED chipset from Japan Sharp, Lifud drivers and a crisp finishing, the is the top of the line for recessed ceiling lighting. Has a highly adaptable dimming function that is without flicker. For a luxurious living environment and with durability in mind, the Chandelle series donwlights will be your most trusted choice!

Suitable for modern homes with a stylish theme, hotels, event halls.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Organic Light Emitting Diode Power. Imagine a transparent and windowless aeroplane?

Besides having Organic Light Emitting Diode ('OLED') in Tvs or computer monitors, how about using that on the surface of a plane?

I came across this news and thought it being interesting to share!

A windowless plane that allows you to witness everything outside. The power of OLED.

Monday, October 27, 2014

LED light source and designs (LED ceiling hanging beams and bars)

As LED lighting technology becomes more stable, we began to explore different modern lighting designs to fit our LED lights. They can be LED chipset, LED bulbs, LED tubes and many more.

By insisting on using reliable driver, Lifud or Meanwell, we can ensure a long lifespan, durability and colour consistency across different lighting fixtures. Nontheless, should certain electronic products fail, we do provide warranty 1st year and lifetime support* to our clients.

This is our latest LED ceiling handing beams. They can be configured in different directions, and alignment to create a creative environment/ceiling for office or home ceiling.

White, Black and Oak brown colour frames are available.

Enquire from us today and be entitled to a promotion** on any purchase/installation of which.

Lifetime support* refers to 10 years after sales service in providing free consultation, parts replacement at cost price after warranty period.

Promotion** may differ from enquiry to enquiry, subject to availability.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Revolutionary idea: Using LED lights to transmit data (PART1)

LED lights having the ability to transmit data will bring the human civilisation in to a new era of development.

'Visible light communication' is the simplified way of describing the process where light can be use as a data transmitter. The groundwork for which was probably laid down around 1880s, where Mr Alexander Graham Bell invented a photophone. That being a device that transmitted speech on modulated sunlight.

Gradually, many significant research and development has been made in this area. With LEDs, the data transmission rate had been significantly increased to the point that streaming of youtube video is possible. The switching on and off by the LEDs, so fast that human eye can't detect, enables the transmission of hugh amount of data.

Using light to transmit data will replace the typical radio frequency methods.

I'll bring to you more updates in this area shortly.