Monday, April 6, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Apr 15 (Green theme)

Today, allow IASPL to present our top 5 picks of a GREEN coloured home in the literal sense!

Green sections in a home usually makes the place seem more naturalistic and giving a carefree feeling. Together with a small water fountain and soothing classical music; I'm sure it takes away the stress from a hectic city life. Having green colours at home to look at might also be a good thing for our tired eyes too. 

The conventional way of having a green theme are about painting, adding fabrics, wall papers, furnitures etc. These days we can do up a green wall system easily. Must it be real plants? Not necessary. Using realistic but artificial vegetation will save you time and cost in maintenance, yet not discounting on the 'GREAT OUTDOORS' feel factor. 

Even a small apartment can have a mini green area. It can be along the walkway or aisle to your rooms, near the entrance to your home, around your TV console, out at your balcony, etc. From different types of wall mounted vegetation to the different texture carpet grass. The artificial plants are guaranteed to be a simple hook up exercise. You can even do a special painting on your wall to complement the vegetation. This adds a layering effect to your wall. With a painting beneath the vegetation, you can anytime alternate the concept of your home by removing the vegetation. This will definitely surprise regular visitors to your home!

Green goes well with many colours, most of all white, yellow, light purple, oak brown and light baby blue. In terms of pairing it with lighting, this really depends on the shade of green you have. It will give a good vibe with natural sunlight ranging from colour temperature of 4800K - 5800K. 

For simplicity, one can use lighting and different types of plants for contrasting purposes. Uniformity in the shade of green over a large area might just make your place look too commercial.

We are experimenting with various green wall in our showroom these days to find the most cost effective and simplest set up method for everyone's dream home. Do let us know if you wish to visit and we'll be glad to share all we know with you!




Saturday, April 4, 2015

Transforming any living space with LED dance floor

How can we have a corner of your house or an outdoor pavilion give a totally different feeling whenever you require it?

Using non complicated LED DANCE FLOOR! This LED lighting technology need not be restricted to commercial use only. With each piece at 400mm by 400mm, you could easily have 1.6 square meters of your home becoming the most interesting entertainment center. This will be the ultimate experience corner for your kids too.

How much does it cost? It can be less than SGD4000, which is probably still cheaper than most high end sound system, exquisite carpentry works or a handwoven rug from turkey.

Being an expert in this area, we can give you a fuss free direct plug and play experience. Of course, after sales support is always present too.

Feel free to call or email us for enquiry!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diffuse lighting with LED strips / modules

What happens when you need to use low cost efficient LED strips, but the lighting effect is too rigid or raw?

The situation now with waterproof LED strips is the colour consistency, durability of the strips changes over time. It may crack, turn yellow, thus affecting the LED light output.

Generally, the market uses Epoxy resin due to cost advantages. But, it has the above problems. We normally use silicon covers to eliminate the above problem with the strips. This cost about S$1.00- S$2.00 more per meter.

As we progress deeper in our lighting consultancy, we found a POLYURETHANE RESIN material that may assist to value add client's project further.

This material UR5634 and UR5635 can be clear or hazy respectively. They are RoHS-2 compliant and resistant to weather, UV light, acids, alkalis, water and mould. It may well be the next waterproofing solution for outdoor lightings and equipments. Finally, its additional value comes from using it to achieve a desired diffuse lighting effect.

We'll try to test and see if something fruitful may appear to better benefit our clients in the near future!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Simple, chic architectural lighting - Aluminium LED light strips

Using our Galaxias aluminium profiles with high quality LED strip lighting. A consistent, smooth lighting that spreads across the area in all ways you require.

As our lighting consultancy spreads its wings, we will continually share with our patrons the skills we put to action during our lighting advisory work.

 For more pictures, mocks ups and design, do visit our website

Friday, March 6, 2015

IASPL top picks for interior design Mar15 (Purple colour)

Purple used to be the colour reserved for only the Roman emperor and the Gods. These days it is associated closely to a manhattan theme interior decor. 

By revolving around simplicity, easy for anyone to re-create, easy for maintenance, we shortlisted the following ideas below;
1. Purple furniture is simple direct and easy to create a change instantly
2. Having a feature wall in purple requires selecting suitable designs and knowing the colours and furnitures of the environment.
3. It is not necessary to always have solid colour base. Look at picture 4 where purple is used to create a floating sensation on the wall. Adding colours to your surfaces often gives a liberating feeling to the home owners.

Let us see how this royal and intriguing colour can add a touch of class to your home.

 photo Purple Sofa_zpsy5qi9v7z.jpg

 photo Purple Master room_zpsjkucbhzq.jpeg 

 photo Purple kitchen_zpsjus824ab.jpg

 photo floating purple_zps3b3bzyj6.jpeg

 photo Purple mosaic wall_zps3d9txxau.jpg

Benefits of using royal purple for walls;

1. Elegant and sophisticated sense of taste.

2. Allow art pieces / paintings to blend in nicely with the wall.

3. Goes well with gold, white, black and grey. Although we usually recommend bolder colours contrast for a refreshing vibe. E.g. we can have bright yellow beside the purple. You will be amaze how uniquely it fits in!

4. Easy maintenance since you won't really see much dirt on the dark purple base.

**Disclaimer: At no times we claim ownership of the above photos and the works. We are only sharing what we found online and materials through our work as a lighting consultant and is not paid nor receive any incentives directly from the people producing the works above. 


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LED Lighting up Singapore at Marina Bay Sands!

We've been showcasing lighting shows from all over the world and today, we present one amazing lighting show in Singapore.

Right in our home ground, a marvellous display of lights and music at a iconic landmark in Singapore. The LED lights, music and water movements is where unlimited creativity can be displayed!

Do bring your family down to MBS waterfront to experience the magic at night !

Wonder Full, the light and water show at Marina Bay Singapore

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 5 IASPL selected interior design (Feb 15, RED Edition)

Dear Readers and valued clients, this is IASPL top 5 picks for FEB 15. And yes, the happy CNY mood is rubbing off us, hence the Red theme for Feb 15! Good luck with your BTO or renovation flats.

1. Most people have cove or false ceiling. Paint just your pop out area or wall red and you will instantly get a different feel.

2. For the lazy people who still want to have a good vibrant feel of your place; just get some bright red carpet and furniture. Your living room commodities may just all fall in place.

3. Most people (me included) usually can only think of designing the walls or ceilings. That is pathetic and boring. Now let us try putting designs on the floor and let your surrounding revolve around your floor! You will surely get a fresh perspective.

4. For the exciting and niche driven beings, try adding some simple splash art on your wall with 3D pop up impression. The 3D pop up can be your REAL lights, thus saving space and giving a visual treat.

5. Pragmatically, red camouflages slight dirtiness if its on the surface. Your brain will be less naggy in making you keep the place clean. Consider getting gloss laminate cabinets. They are easy to maintain, sharp crisp impression, its' reflection enhances the vibe and spaciousness of the environment. That should make your stay at home more chill.

Red generally goes well with gold, white and black to create a modern feel. Here, i'm referring to the bright crimson red!

Think of the following where you can have that splash of red;
1. Carpet
2. Curtain
3. Wall Paper
4. Furniture
5. Light fixtures
6. Choosing proper LED lighting that brings out the red!


Disclaimer: Please note that the above pictures and designs are not owned by IASPL nor did we build them. We are merely sharing some ideas we saw online which we like and is not paid to publish them. IASPL should not be liable for any matters pertaining to the use of the information.