Thursday, April 29, 2010

Power consumption and cost savings Chart

The calculation is based on an EXTREMELY conservative approach.
1. The price of oil is Fix over 5 years of calculation(a reasonable assurance is that oil prices will continue to increase)
2. The cost of changing your fluorescents yearly are excluded. (Not to mention the trouble required to replace it) In the spreadsheet, I assumed the fluorescent lights (average 8,000-10,000hrs) have the same lifespan of 50,000hrs as the LED tubes.

With such prudent accounting, the Returns on investment and the cost savings is already so significant. Whats more if the above 2 points are included in the calculations.

The table reflects the fluorescent tubes' power usage in Singapore. Take note of the ballast efficiency. It is a component for the fluorescent lights to work. This increases our overall power consumption drastically. Hence, you wonder why your cost saving fluoresecent lights (CFLS) are not helping you much in saving electricity.

LED tubes do not need ballast! What you pay is what you see.
A potential savings of S$488,000 in 5 years!
An easily achievable ROI in less than 1.5 years
Ultimately, you are another great supporter for a better environment!

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