Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Today Newspaper report" touches on using LED lighting to light up estates in Singapore. Lower lighting costs today with Illuminating Asia SPL LED lightings.

Excerpt By Ong Dai Lin and Ng Jing Yng (Extracted from Today Newspaper 21/09/2011 issue)

SINGAPORE - ... The Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council, for instance, has seen its utility bill balloon to S$8.2 million in the last financial year... Mr Palmer attributed the increase to higher electricity tariffs and the new HDB flats built in the constituency... "electricity costs account for around 22 per cent of residents' S&CC and are expected to increase as more lifts are installed in the constituency"... 

"The town council will be fitting LED lamps to more than 250 blocks in the estate. In areas which are not frequently used, the lamps will be fitted with motion sensors and the lights will be dimmed when there is no usage, Dr Lam said." 
1. Electricity cost is surely increasing due to higher oil prices and increased demands in energy.
2. The cost will erode our standard of living.
3. Greater proportion of income needs to be set aside for domestic uses.

1. Start changing 10w energy saving bulbs to 5w LED Kratos corn bulb/downlight to achieve lower electricity cost at the same brightness.
2. Change your 50w Halogen spotlight to 4w Astron LED spotlight to achieve a saving of more than 70%.

Live smart by saving smart ! Motto: A greener cause for a better cost!
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