Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th July 2012, The Straits Times: Going Green Helps Hotels Cut Costs ("Article")

The Article mentioned many pertinent points on cutting operation costs.
1. Retrofitting energy efficient equipments;
2. Installing motion sensor as switches to minimise wasteage;
3. Recycling facilities;
4. Perform regular energy audits.

Information of the available schemes (regulations and financial support) by the authorities to assist buildings management in adopting green technology are below. The end objective is definitely to lower operation costs of buildings and raise profitability for management in the long run.


Please refer to the article for more details
Article by Ahmad Osman, Source: Cut out from The Straits Times on 4 July 2012

As it is, 'A Greener cause for a better cost', the successful cases in the Article (Intercontinental Singapore and Furama City Centre) exhibit the potential for hugh costs savings in the future by going green. While initial cost is a major factor to consider, we for sure cannot avoid the rising utilities cost that is going to be paid next month. LED lightings are already popular due to the lower electricity consumption for many buildings in Singapore. The option of LED lights can help save up to 45% in some instances. Do note that products quality differ from one vendor to the other. 

If have any queries or needs on LED lighting, feel free to contact us. We are delighted to share with you what we know.

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