Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elektra LED Circular tube, LED ceiling lights for Kitchen and rooms

2 years of research and tests, we are finally ready to bring to you the Elektra circular tube.

A LED ceiling light that fits all kitchens, living rooms, rooms and more.

Using components from Japan Rubycon and Taiwan LED chipset, it will guarantee a long lifespan. It is made in the same dimension as existing fluorescent ceiling tube for easy replacement. Also, maintenance going forward will be as easy as ABC as no more ballast and starter is needed!


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  3. Led lights are the future for a greener world, a necessasity that must be handed over to legacy,
    it also saves our present by both CO2 reduction and Huge reduction on monthly bills.
    As estimated approximately 90% reduction in electric bills and huge savings.

  4. Yes sheer you're right that, LED lights gain popularity within very short period of time. The main reason of its popularity 80 to 90 % reduction in electric bills and have some many shapes, size and different colors, which are the main cause to attract the people.
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  5. LED never finish to surprise me, take fahrrad lampe for example, SUCH quality at a low price! unbelievable.