Thursday, February 6, 2014

LED World Magazine: Impact on Business with Spoilt LEDs

Once again we have been featured in the LED world magazine. 

We are honoured to be invited as a LED lighting specialist to be featured on the LED world magazine with our insights on the industry. Kindly refer to page 60 for our opinion relating on how the low barriers of entry in selling LED lighting changes the user experience. *The article had been contributed out of goodwill and is published at the authors sole discretion without having any monetary or material benefits for any other parties.

You can follow the dropbox link below to access the 84 page magazine.

Do refer to page 26 to 32 where LED lighting is being gradually implemented in Vatican, Sistine Chapel. While the pictures are amazing, it is yet another testament to the benefits of LED lighting on existing paintings and displays.


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  2. yes LED World Magazine had make big impact on business . I love the way the topics are choosen. They are so useful in our day to day life

    1. Hi,
      I agree with you. Today Led Lighting is big role for every one place and saving energy and reduce economical fund for home, business and so on.

      Led Bulb

  3. The LEDs lights are a evolution from the edison"s Bulbs ! hehe