Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outdoor Lighting Displays, with LEDs or without, it must come alive!

I'm very excited coming across an article in Straits Times on 07 Apr 2014 titled;

S'pore team finds cheaper way to print light sheets

Picture taken from 07/04/14 copy of The Straits Times

From the article, we understand that light is created when electricity 'charges up' the phosphors. It is certainly very refreshing to hear phosphors being applied on sheets rather than in the typical fluorescent tubes. (Well, for those aren't sure what i'm talking about; fluorescent tubes light up mainly because of the phosphor powder that glows when you turn on your switches.) 

A disadvantage for the method is that the design is static. We can of course play with the lightings to create seemingly moving graphics or even achieve different colour tone. (The effect would be like the feature wall in Hood Bar and Cafe at Bugis +), but it is never really alive! 

Allow me to think aloud; while phosphor is a non-metal element, there might be ways to pair/compound/mix it with a metal with magnetic properties. Through magnetic induction, perhaps it might help to shift things around. Also, since electricity is present, we can try to test if altering the electrical field or flux present can move the phosphor particles around.

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