Friday, September 12, 2014

Singapore - BCA helps buildings go Green (Lightings, Chillers, etc)

Many businesses will certainly like to use LED lightings or improve their existing infrastructure to become more eco-friendly. The obvious reason of lowering utility costs cannot be emphasis any more these days.

We are excited that Singapore government is assisting directly with incentives to promote a change in mindset. The incentives will surely spur people to move towards learning and going green. With past funds fully committed, we have now GMIS-EBP and BREEF schemes.

In terms of LED lighting; please do assess cost to quality and product knowledge of the vendor you are dealing with. It is saddening to see a growing trend in people using LED lighting that only last for months. The effort to replace spoil LEDs are a hassle and such replacements should take place only 3 - 5 years later.

With an influx of cheap LED lighting flooding the market, we have received numerous reports that many LED lightings fail in just months. There are surely good products at lower prices. However, we seek your logical mind to weigh and determine an estimate of how much things can be made (e.g. the plastic, metal, time and labour, freight and delivery costs)

These will enable you to decide whether existing budget are sufficient for even the most basic quality of LED lighting. 

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