Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Energy-Saving LED Lights Win Nobel Physics Prize

LED Lighting has seen an exponential ascent in developments and production over the last 4 years. Costs are coming down and reaching stability threshold (Quality of light, durability and of product) as we speak. As it reaches stability, we start to see greater creativity in the usage and display of LED Lighting. 

Congratulations to the esteem scientists; Isamu Akasaki, 85, from Meijo and Nagoya Universities, Hiroshi Amano, 54, from Nagoya, and Shuji Nakamura, 60, from the University of California at Santa Barbara!

Their work resulted in limitless possibilities of where where lighting can exist and be applied. Based on our understanding not many analyst can accurately estimated the scale and size of this rapidly growing industry, In the above report, it is mentioned by Royal Philips NV that current lighting market is worth $75 billion. 

Since LED lighting usually cost 2 - 5 times more, we should expect that number to balloon. LED lighting is increasing used in non traditional areas; e.g. lighting facade, events and shows.This requires supporting gadgets and components; e.g. digital controllers, timers, sensors, etc. This increases the market size too.

Based on our understanding, the top 3 lighting manufacturers today are;

1. Royal Philips NV
2. Osram Licht AG
3. General Electric

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