Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dimmable LED; is that possible?

DIMMABLE LED LIGHTING; is that possible?
A common problem is the flickering of that dimmable LED lighting when you try to dim it to a low brightness.

There are just too many stories about its stability and compatibility issues with existing dimmers. As end users, we just want the LED to work with existing dimmers in our place. This eliminates any additional labour or electrical work required.

Attached picture describes how a typical dimmer will work for incandescent.

The key lies with the LED DRIVER. Generally, we have tested that the LED driver has to be constant current for it to work well with existing dimmers*. Take a look at the video we made to show dimming does work with our Elektra series downlight with a standard dimmer.

*Disclaimer: This is based on the test conducted with our constant driver and available dimmers in our showroom. The effect may differ on a case by case basis for each situation.

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