Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 5 IASPL selected interior design (Feb 15, RED Edition)

Dear Readers and valued clients, this is IASPL top 5 picks for FEB 15. And yes, the happy CNY mood is rubbing off us, hence the Red theme for Feb 15! Good luck with your BTO or renovation flats.

1. Most people have cove or false ceiling. Paint just your pop out area or wall red and you will instantly get a different feel.

2. For the lazy people who still want to have a good vibrant feel of your place; just get some bright red carpet and furniture. Your living room commodities may just all fall in place.

3. Most people (me included) usually can only think of designing the walls or ceilings. That is pathetic and boring. Now let us try putting designs on the floor and let your surrounding revolve around your floor! You will surely get a fresh perspective.

4. For the exciting and niche driven beings, try adding some simple splash art on your wall with 3D pop up impression. The 3D pop up can be your REAL lights, thus saving space and giving a visual treat.

5. Pragmatically, red camouflages slight dirtiness if its on the surface. Your brain will be less naggy in making you keep the place clean. Consider getting gloss laminate cabinets. They are easy to maintain, sharp crisp impression, its' reflection enhances the vibe and spaciousness of the environment. That should make your stay at home more chill.

Red generally goes well with gold, white and black to create a modern feel. Here, i'm referring to the bright crimson red!

Think of the following where you can have that splash of red;
1. Carpet
2. Curtain
3. Wall Paper
4. Furniture
5. Light fixtures
6. Choosing proper LED lighting that brings out the red!


Disclaimer: Please note that the above pictures and designs are not owned by IASPL nor did we build them. We are merely sharing some ideas we saw online which we like and is not paid to publish them. IASPL should not be liable for any matters pertaining to the use of the information.

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