Friday, March 6, 2015

IASPL top picks for interior design Mar15 (Purple colour)

Purple used to be the colour reserved for only the Roman emperor and the Gods. These days it is associated closely to a manhattan theme interior decor. 

By revolving around simplicity, easy for anyone to re-create, easy for maintenance, we shortlisted the following ideas below;
1. Purple furniture is simple direct and easy to create a change instantly
2. Having a feature wall in purple requires selecting suitable designs and knowing the colours and furnitures of the environment.
3. It is not necessary to always have solid colour base. Look at picture 4 where purple is used to create a floating sensation on the wall. Adding colours to your surfaces often gives a liberating feeling to the home owners.

Let us see how this royal and intriguing colour can add a touch of class to your home.

 photo Purple Sofa_zpsy5qi9v7z.jpg

 photo Purple Master room_zpsjkucbhzq.jpeg 

 photo Purple kitchen_zpsjus824ab.jpg

 photo floating purple_zps3b3bzyj6.jpeg

 photo Purple mosaic wall_zps3d9txxau.jpg

Benefits of using royal purple for walls;

1. Elegant and sophisticated sense of taste.

2. Allow art pieces / paintings to blend in nicely with the wall.

3. Goes well with gold, white, black and grey. Although we usually recommend bolder colours contrast for a refreshing vibe. E.g. we can have bright yellow beside the purple. You will be amaze how uniquely it fits in!

4. Easy maintenance since you won't really see much dirt on the dark purple base.

**Disclaimer: At no times we claim ownership of the above photos and the works. We are only sharing what we found online and materials through our work as a lighting consultant and is not paid nor receive any incentives directly from the people producing the works above. 


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