Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Nov 15 (Grey theme)

"GREY !! Come on, how can this be funky or exciting? It is a colour for convenience at best." - This is a common perception received from our fact finding.

Nonetheless, grey is the latest new neutral colour since 2014. It has recently taken the spotlight, upstaging it’s most neutral and common cousins; taupe, beige and ivory.

The neutrality of which is the core element why most designers like to work with this colour. We are intrigued to discover that different shades of grey allows easy manipulation between 'hot' and 'cold' neutral. Not sure whats hot or cold? (Imagine the feeling each gives you; Warm lighting 2700K or Daylight 6000-6500K)

This is the new must have essential colour that’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic.  Grey is becoming the ultimate neutral because it looks good with almost any colour. Classic Grey is a modern neutral that creates a light, airy feeling, yet adding more warmth to a room than basic white.
Grey has proven itself as the perfect backdrop ranging from classic to modern to contemporary.

Grey might make a room slightly dimmer or dark. One can place a mirror adjacent to the windows to maximise the inflow of natural light. This adds life and energy to a room!

Also, be sure to have more than one overhead light in your space, two sources or more will be suffice to light up your space. It is getting popular in Europe and Asia where many people enhance indoor lighting with sconces. Choosing a proportionately sized lamp and placing it well is key to good illumination. 

This shadow coloured hue is a colour that really benefits from being well lit.

This month's article prepared by Ms Jane Sim - IASPL's Lighting consultant.

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