Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Singapore Gardens Festival 2016 - Landscape gardens lightings competition - Completed!

It is amazing how we see our own imaginations translate into physical forms using LED lightings and micro controllers.

Fortunate are we to have worked alongside Hugo Bugg ( from UK and Western Flora (our beloved local landscape supplier).

Being appointed as the lead lighting consultant for this competition pushes our strengths further in the field of many notwithstanding design and conceptualising of the overall ambience to manufacturing the lighting props and finally the supply and installation part.

With the theme of fantasy gardens and the concept of "Mystical Depths" we created an ambience where a landscape of hills and valley is lit by midnight moon. That deep mysterious blue hue creates the overall ambience. The landscape is dotted with mostly carefully positioned fire flies that glow, while a couple of them chases around in their night of fun.

Using micro controllers and lightings in such a architectural competition is probably a world's first. More insights to our work in progress and hand crafted lightings will be shown on our website | I'm sure that will excite many specialists and hobbyists alike.

Beyond the lightings;
Hidden within the garden is a subtle bubbling pond that evokes a sense of inner rumblings within a person's mind. The edges of the garden displayed a subterranean watercave that extends in to the abyss with a soft white glow. Surprising random moments - hidden oyster opens to let out air/bubbles and along which a warm yellow glow appears for 1-2 seconds to add life to the watercave.

Congrates to the whole team in getting silver for such a fierce competition.

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