Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Laser diodes - The next wave of LED lighting development?

Laser diodes to be the next LED lighting development - Is this possible and how feasible it is to our real life general lighting application?

Theoretically, if we place 2 mirrors on each side of the LED, the wide beam light throw effect from the LED will be forced to reflect internally within the 2 mirrors resulting in a more focused light beam.

This might mean that we need to create a light path for the LED in order to achieve the effect. This would be similar then to using fiber optic as a light guide.

All in all, can lasers replace LED Lighting? In my own opinion, i doubt so as general lighting requires a wide coverage at the lowest possible power input. Lasers will not be able to achieve an even wide coverage.



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  2. LED's became the first choice for lighting when the came, laser diodes are now taking place and provide more beautiful lighting than LEDs. I would also recommend laser doides over LED's.