Monday, April 17, 2017

Stretchable LED Lighting? | Events and Electronics

If lightings can be stretched, how do you think we can enhance our spaces and minimise / reduce lighting costs?

Putting mechanical engineering considerations aside for now? We probably can explore the following;

1. LED Lightings as visual displays for smart clothing
2. LED Lighting for curve screens in Smart Phones
3. Smart LED Lighting for architectural facade (indoor / outdoor ("although challenging it may be"))
4. LED Lighting displays covering different surface area when necessary for advertising and creative industry.

By bringing mechanical engineering considerations in lighting, we might need to explore the following;
1. Stretchable host material for the LEDs where it is both conductive and insulated from touch.
2. Types of material for the LEDs that is able to light up with movable conductive electrical supply


  1. Is this idea for real, is this idea in pipeline to be executed or is it just an imagination? I don’t know much about engineering or energy so I want to know the idea behind this post.

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