Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wall Street Journal 1 December 2011 Article: Switch to LED Lights...

Article by Kate Linebaugh


Summary of the article:
  • Companies like Walmart Stores Inc, GNC Corp. and Caesars Entertainment Corp. shell out for LED lightings.
  • Saves on labour cost, repair and maintenance cost and disruption to operations.
  • LED bulbs can cut lighting costs by three-quarters although being 20 times the price of conventional bulbs.
  • U.S Department of energy predicts LED bulb prices will drop by around 30% a year until 2015.
Stan's comments:
  • Consumer and Small medium enterprises in Singapore can adopt LED lighting too.
  • With our lowest price, highest quality LED lighting, we provide a source for affordable LED implementation in  homes and offices. 
  • Start today and you will save on increasing utilities and replacement cost !

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