Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Straits Times on 26 Jan 2012: ST Mind Your Body, The Right Light

The article by Lea Wee touched on how a person becomes more aware of the ambient lighting as they grow older. Following that, 5 points were suggested (Adequate Lighting, Night Lighting, Reduce Glare, Even Light distribution, Enhance Colour Contrast) to make the situation better.
Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/MindYourBody/LivingWell/Story/STIStory_759360.html

Personal Opinion: 
The key focus here is having suitable lighting. Ultimately, it is about visuals and vision for everyone.

LED lighting may not problem-free, but it may just be the most cost effective (long-run) solution to make things better for our eyes if used appropriately. LED lighting being smaller, brighter, easy to maintain and install as compared to fluorescent makes it easier to adopt. LED spotlights can be hidden under a cove at the sides of stairways or walkways to create an even light distribution between 2 different illuminated areas. This reduces the impact on our eyes when we move from a dark area to a bright area.

It is common understanding that LED products (LED table lamps, LED tubes) are chosen for their high brightness capability yet requiring little energy consumption. However, the main advantage is really its directional lighting that results in cost savings. Due to that, we can customise where and how the light should be pointed.

In conclusion, LED lighting may become the preferred choice of lighting. Start early by adopting LED lighting to reap the savings that is possible!

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