Monday, September 16, 2013

Buildings should go green to reap immense cost savings!

BCA extends Green Mark to Health care sector

Some highlights of the article;
1. Green retrofitting results in $24 mil of cost savings (Study of 40 commercial buildings retrofitted)
2. Energy consumption fell between 6% - 40% with reduction in energy bills of 14% - 53%
3. Reducing an average of 11.6% in total operating expense.
4. BCA is collaborating with MOH Holdings on the sustainability needs of various medical facilities/infrastructure.

Personal Opinions;
1. Cost savings in reducing resources for operational expenses.
2. A phase approach is helpful since costs may be high with the new products.
3. BCA Green Mark for the Healthcare facilities is timely as their daily energy needs may usually be more than 14 hrs a day, with emergency areas being 24/7.
4. The mobile application on Green Mark should also be downloaded by operation/facilities managers. It is a comprehensive tool to assess energy consumption for buildings. A simple search for the 'Green Mark' app should lead you to it easily.
5. Through assessing our energy requirements, adopting energy efficient air-conditioning and LED lighting, it is a step for A greener cause for a better cost!

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