Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LED lightings being increasingly adopted by Cities around the world

More and better LED lights are being used in Cities and streets across the world; From USA California, Vatican Sistine Chapel, Streets of Philippines and Garden/Parks in Singapore.

Economies of scale, maturing of technology, repeated trials and errors have made LED lightings cheaper, longer lasting and safer. While we may hold back implementation in anticipation of above, the question we need to ask is; What is the opportunity cost in giving up the actual cost savings that will be received if replacement had been already done. Get your finance guys to work out the net present value ("NPV") of the project and you have doubts about this golden cost saving opportunity for the company.

Cree LED Street Lights Transform California City’s Streets, Cut Energy Use by 65 Percent

Sistine Chapel artworks seen in a new light

The price decline of LED lightings is tapering to a flat already. Any further reduction in price will certainly affect quality, lifespan and efficiency. To determine what is the best price to get LED downlights, strips or other fixtures, do talk to lighting specialists or us.

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