Thursday, June 19, 2014

What is Dali Lighting system?

LED lightings have been associated widely with many controls and dimming systems. You might notice the words 'DALI lighting controls' appearing often.

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface can be deemed as the mouth piece to issue or receive commands and visualise data. This DALI can be on light fixtures or a controller itself. This interface should not be regarded as the controller only.

To control lighting, a DALI Network system needs to be set up. It is generally cost effective, easy to install and operate. The net work can include temperature controls, environment light sensing monitors/controls, manual switches, etc.

The DALI network system serves as a standardise protocol to integrate lightings, switches and other gears and parts in to 1 control system. Hence, achieving interchangeability of different suppliers for the devices.

For a start you need a 'BUS' to wire all the devices together to a single point where signals can be received or transmitted to individual devices.

Normal controls from Legrand, Clipsal, Schneider Electric, Philips etc are mostly DALI compatible. Always look for DALI compatible mark to be sure. Otherwise, you might need a gateway (a.k.a translator device) to communicate between a DALI and non DALI device.

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