Saturday, April 4, 2015

Transforming any living space with LED dance floor

How can we have a corner of your house or an outdoor pavilion give a totally different feeling whenever you require it?

Using non complicated LED DANCE FLOOR! This LED lighting technology need not be restricted to commercial use only. With each piece at 400mm by 400mm, you could easily have 1.6 square meters of your home becoming the most interesting entertainment center. This will be the ultimate experience corner for your kids too.

How much does it cost? It can be less than SGD4000, which is probably still cheaper than most high end sound system, exquisite carpentry works or a handwoven rug from turkey.

Being an expert in this area, we can give you a fuss free direct plug and play experience. Of course, after sales support is always present too.

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  1. The best part of LED lights is that there are so many lighting options available that one can give a free run to their creativity. Great post! I got more great ideas about setting up stage or dance floor. Thanks!

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