Monday, April 6, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Apr 15 (Green theme)

Today, allow IASPL to present our top 5 picks of a GREEN coloured home in the literal sense!

Green sections in a home usually makes the place seem more naturalistic and giving a carefree feeling. Together with a small water fountain and soothing classical music; I'm sure it takes away the stress from a hectic city life. Having green colours at home to look at might also be a good thing for our tired eyes too. 

The conventional way of having a green theme are about painting, adding fabrics, wall papers, furnitures etc. These days we can do up a green wall system easily. Must it be real plants? Not necessary. Using realistic but artificial vegetation will save you time and cost in maintenance, yet not discounting on the 'GREAT OUTDOORS' feel factor. 

Even a small apartment can have a mini green area. It can be along the walkway or aisle to your rooms, near the entrance to your home, around your TV console, out at your balcony, etc. From different types of wall mounted vegetation to the different texture carpet grass. The artificial plants are guaranteed to be a simple hook up exercise. You can even do a special painting on your wall to complement the vegetation. This adds a layering effect to your wall. With a painting beneath the vegetation, you can anytime alternate the concept of your home by removing the vegetation. This will definitely surprise regular visitors to your home!

Green goes well with many colours, most of all white, yellow, light purple, oak brown and light baby blue. In terms of pairing it with lighting, this really depends on the shade of green you have. It will give a good vibe with natural sunlight ranging from colour temperature of 4800K - 5800K. 

For simplicity, one can use lighting and different types of plants for contrasting purposes. Uniformity in the shade of green over a large area might just make your place look too commercial.

We are experimenting with various green wall in our showroom these days to find the most cost effective and simplest set up method for everyone's dream home. Do let us know if you wish to visit and we'll be glad to share all we know with you!




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