Thursday, July 9, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Jul 15 (Gold theme)

Hi all, our sincere apologies for skipping the June 2015 edition. Now, we are back with the latest July 2015 edition on the GOLD Theme.

Using gold in interior design is never just about being exquisite. From ancient architectures to modern trinkets, gold is always an element and colour that gives a sense of strength to objects. Moving beyond the cliche idea of power and nobility, gold colour gives a sense of stability to an environment.

In lighting, correlated colour temperature ('CCT') of 2200 - 2500K provides the closest match to gold lighting colour. Remember how you have stepped in to TWG tea shops and feel the golden aura? Thats the colour.

Note that this lighting colour is within the warm lighting. Some people also refer this easily as warm white catagory. As such this often creates a confusion when people talk about warm white lighting colour tone.

Here we look at a few ideas of having gold colour in homes! You might be astound that gold colour can actually help soothe a hectic day. At least for me, gold has an ability to take my mind away from work. It might be same for you. Enjoy the pictures!

Having a wall mural with golden yellow background adds grandiose and firmness to an environment

One is able to have pendant lights with gold interior finish. You might gaze into it longer than you expect.

Our personal favourite. Simple golden mosaic for your kitchen wall. A cheap simple method that camouflage dirt well. 

A simple ornament from Chatuchak @ Bangkok. Hang it to your walkway from the door and you get a good ambience.

An easy to get golden pendant light. It might seem crude until you hang it center of your living room and see how well it blends in with the environment. We experience the same thoughts too.

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