Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lens for LED lights making a difference in the lighting world

Through our research and experimentation in LED lighting fixtures, we are keen to share how different types of lens achieves different lighting effects.

With appropriate lens, one can control the following attributes of lighting;

1. Beam Angle
2. Effective lighting distances and size of lighting area
3. Colour of the light
4. Shape of the lighted area 
5. Reflection on the objects' surface
6. Shadow effects
7. Objects' appearance on photos by a digital / analog camera
8. Blending light with the environment
9. Glare level to people's eyes and products

For different clientele and requirements, lens can be custom built to achieve the most desired lighting effect in high end commercial and hospitality establishments. 

With smooth integration of lighting in one's environment, it communicates an immediate emotional impression to customer of one company's brand, quality and their drive for perfection. Ask yourself how do you feel when strolling into a Chanel store compared to a typical departmental store? 

Engage our lighting consultancy services to understand how we create emotional attachment of customers to your spaces. 

Here are some examples of the lens available.


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