Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Aug 15 (Grey theme)

Grey - a very standard colour used widely in homes around Singapore. Many people often pair it with black, white or a different tone of grey. How can we make grey more exciting?

Some low cost / free ideas we will consider personally;
1. Concentrate your grey colour on a design (e.g. a tree, a wall mural or art) instead on cabinets.
2. Shade your grey gradually from light to dark tone.
3. Using coloured lighting fixtures and warm lighting to balance the cold / stony feel of the grey.
4. Put your grey colour on the flooring rather than wall, ceiling or cabinets!

Today we shall bring you some new modern contemporary usage of grey in homes to make things come alive. Our aim is to inject vibrancy and energy to homes.

Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of the above design and creation. We are merely sharing what we come across as slightly more interesting design for grey based interior design.

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