Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SMART Lighting is the way to go?

With the advancement and stability from LED lightings, SMART technology has been finding its way with the LED lighting products.

LED Lighting products uses a AC-DC converter or driver primarily. Any supposedly SMART technology will need to work compatibly with the LED lighting driver. Irregardless of the different protocols available today (Belkin wireless technology, Broadlink hardware, Zigbee Mesh system, Philips Hue or General Electric GPS enabled lighting) the key is the wireless technology and the driver of the lighting.

The compatibility to a LED Driver is also one reason why a single protocol is unable to dominate the LED lighting world an be applicable to all lights.

Is the ability to dim, sense and capture data really SMART lighting? We beg to differ. The true SMART Lighting is about allowing the light to receive signals and relay or reply with a feedback to the user or central monitoring system. While some companies above are working hard on this, it is all at testing phase.

Imagine using light waves to transmit information! You can then do away even with your fiber optic cables. We'll keep you posted soon on our latest LED SMART technology developments!

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