Monday, February 8, 2016

Key players in direct AC LED applications! (No Drivers for LED lighting)

LED lighting is already well known as a small and efficient light source. Can we make the LED lighting more user friendly, more efficient and less complicated for users?

YES! we use LED lightings without an external driver!

It is widely known that almost all LED lights are DC operated and require a driver/transformer to make it light up. The lifespan of the LED luminaire is often dictated by the lifespan of its' driver. Installer also have to consider storage spaces and cater sufficient wires/cables/conduits for the LED drivers for future easy maintenance. 

1. Why can't we just install the LED light source as it is and disregard this electronic driver thing totally?

2. Can lighting be just a one step and one item process? Being low voltage device; the LED lighting source itself is generally quite safe.

With the  current available technology, some top tier manufactures have begun to integrate an AC module or a little black chip on the LED lightings' PCB itself. This eliminate the need for an external driver. Well, if the lighting fails after years of usage, we just change it as it is. Isn't this much simpler?

As we continue to sell LED lights with drivers in Singapore and across the world, we are also exploring and working with partners on direct AC operated LED lightings. Stay tune for more with us as we bring on more research and development in this area!

Some key developers and my references in this field;

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