Sunday, January 24, 2016

LED lighting controls - for entertainment and functional lighting application!

LED Lighting has been very popular and widely installed these days. Moving beyond just LED lighting hardware, we aim to provide lighting applications that enhances quality of life.

We would like to share the information that we have gathered to help us enhance our lighting consultancy capability and value add to all lighting enquiries. Lighting controllers can be as simple as plug and play. Let us share with you the simplicity of it.

We may broadly classify lighting controls into 2 kinds;
A) Building Architecture Controls (Floodlighting, Wall Wash Lighting, Running Lights, Systematic FCC controlled interior and external lighting, fountain lights and more.)

B) Animation Controls (Graphics or video display, Projection lighting)

The capability differences between both includes but notwithstanding;
1. Colour effects
2. Video graphics display
3. Power requirements
4. Controls ownership level (Ability to customise display)

Depending on the above few factors, suitable hardware and control process can be catered by Illuminating Asia. From Martin Harman moving heads to simplified household suitable cloud wifi lighting controller.

We have all the know-how to assist in your lighting project requirements from households to mega concerts!


Disclaimer: We are not incentivised in anyway for the content stated above. All of which are our own compilation from the internet and related reading materials. Any reference to which should be based upon your further due diligence and Illuminating Asia will not be liable for any matters whatsoever in how the information is used.

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