Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Natural sunlight for buildings in Singapore; Combining nature, go green objectives and design

We are excited to share about this great project that we came across in This project is done by a Spanish architect and is situation in Mexico, where it is also as hot as Singapore at times.

This project intrigues us deeply by providing a break through in our perspective on the high level of design architecture we can achieve with natural sunlight.

In Singapore, our new buildings that comply with Greenmark standards usually have a high degree of using natural sunlight and ventilation.


Increasingly, we are also seeing these buildings moving towards the same likeness in many ways, for example;

1. High ceiling for level 1
2. Large openings at the side of buildings to allow air and sunlight to flow through and.
3. Probably a sunroof where sunlight can permeate through the glass.

Some examples of such would be Star Vista, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Our Tampines Hub, Heartbeat@Bedok and more. Notwithstanding our excitement and pride of having such developments in Singapore; we thought that this project we are sharing offers a fresh perspective to utilising natural sunlight to illuminate a place.

By doing this;
1. Calculating sunlight direction and scale
2. Channelling sunlight through a channel
3. Projecting sunlight to a coloured base
4. Making use of reflection theories to illuminate the place with myraid of colour

All of which, the source of sunlight is renewable, the channel is an old concept used in many applications like a submarine above-sea scope, the coloured base is an affordable and highly changeable set up, reflection of light is just plain old physics theory.

Question is; Do we need to spend a great effort to design a building and its structure to achieve Green mark objectives while having a design you can claim unique to the landscape?

This project clearly shows us that relying on basic physics principles we learnt in O'level may just suffice!


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