Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for May 15 (Yellow theme)

Yellow wall blends in with black standing lamp, wooden floor
Yellow curtain, Yellow Cushion: fits well with natural sunlight
Open concept kitchen; yellow cupboards contrast well w Black
A sliding barn door for toilets, kitchen/living room separator?
Yellow sofa, Yellow foldable screen; gives layout flexibility
After a long day at work, sometimes we require subtle things to perk us up. Bright yellow in our home is surely the colour that may invigorate a tired soul. ON top of the energy it possesses, the colour does provide a sense of security and stableness. The right tone of yellow will further add a touch of class.

Will the colour be too loud? Probably not as it blends in well with natural sunlight or white lightings or white washed walls.

Yellow goes well with colours like; magenta, sky blue,  brown, green, orange, white and even black.

It is one colour that can blend into furniture and wood panelling without much effort.

Most people would prefer to use warm white lighting to create a soothing environment at home.  The warm white light bouncing off the wall will create a superbly relaxing environment that is truly warming.

If you have any ideas or experience with a bright yellow concept home, feel free to share with us!

Disclaimer: Note that we are merely sharing some designs that we have came across being simple and fitting of our publication theme. We do not receive any direct incentives for such sharing of information.

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