Sunday, May 31, 2015

Glass and Lighting - How Lighting transforms itself with Glass!

From our continuous research in materials to accentuate lighting, hence the building where lights are deployed, we are excited to share the idea we have below.

Great lighting comes with great fixtures. Glass is one material that allows light to pass through and having the ability to change its course and colour.

Whether you have a firm understanding of refractive index or a pure glass artist, the end result is to control lights at its most basic natural form.

Let us help you and your building by bringing the best of what lighting and glass can do to your facade. All these costs will be compensated when your building becomes the talk of the town, the highlights in magazines, the awe and conversations of pedestrians. Without fail, traffic will be drawn in as no one can resist the temptation of immersing themselves in such a great work of art physically!

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  2. really nice some of them look like you are underwater


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