Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LED Lighting for Museum

Organising our research, we prepared the following write up on LED lighting in Museum.

Appropriate lighting for museums' artefacts and environment had been made easier with LED lighting. Compared to bulkier fluorescent / incandescent fixture, LED lightings smaller size makes lighting artefacts much easier.

With the high quality directional lighting, customisable lighting colours ('CCT') and accompanying filters and add ons, LED lighting will bring out the best of an art piece.

The reflective effect of LED light can be managed far more easily to allow photographers to photograph art pieces. This is done by choosing suitable power rating, filters and making use of ambient light. 

We can work with different angle light beam that forms the basis on whether that is spot or flood lighting effect. This may give a different effect in a camera.

On top of using dialux, a consultant that possess knowledge in available hardware globally and experience in the lighting effect will give you the most suitable lighting solution. This will minimise implementation time cost to bring out the best of your environment.

Above is probably a snapshot of the bigger discipline in 'Museum lighting research'. We shall bring you more updates soon.

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