Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LED Lighting with Daylight and occupancy sensors

Aspects of efficient and intelligent lighting!

- LED Lightings; Affordable, low power consumption, generates less heat, longer lifespan.

- Daylight sensors; Ability for lighting to automatically adjust itself to ambient lighting.

- Occupancy sensors; Ability to detect and activate lighting automatically when needed.

- Little computers inside lighting fixtures; collect, transmit and share date to a central command system.

- Lighting management system; provides an interface for people to command the lighting system and analyse data collected from the Lighting fixtures.

- Set the LEDs Lighting according to needs; Different kinds of lights can be linked to provide a communication network.

- Dimming function; catering a lower light level, saving more electricity when there is no one.

- Solar harvesting; using cheap limitless solar energy to power your low energy LED lighting and system.

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  1. LED lights have really come a long way. The technology has evolved in the most brilliant manner. With the passage of time. The led lighting are supposed to be one of the most energy efficient lights as they convert almost 80 percent of electrical energy into light energy if designed properly.