Monday, October 19, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Oct 15 (Black and White theme)

After our August 2015 theme, we decided to combine Sept and Oct 2015 together; with the 2 most common colours used for their homes; Black and White theme. These classic colour combination makes any room — from living room to bedrooms — sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

In our own opinion, there are some things to note for a black/white theme;

1. The place will probably feel darker even in the day. It might also create a serious or uptight emotions unknowingly. As such having a good window or natural light exposure will be a good balance to a black/white theme.

2. Unsure how much black or white is sufficient in a living space? Start by giving a quantifiable percentage on the proportion of black and white in a room. This will help narrow down your options. Say, i want 30% black in a room otherwise it might seem too scary at night. That means the walls are probably not going to be black. Instead the black can come from a rug, your TV screen and the aesthetic lightings.

3. Remember that shadows are a different tone of black. Without proper positioning of furniture and lightings, you may unexpectedly create more black in a surrounding than what you wanted.

4. Use a little silver, gold or warm white lighting to bring out the warmth in a black/white home. This theme is a fine line between being a place of coldness or of warmth.

Herein, we'd like to share 5 beautiful homes that we encounter that can be easily DIY by anyone. All you need is some good lightings and furniture to bring out the glam in black/white.

Examine how natural light enhances a black/white space

A lighter tone black walls, golden pillows, glossy black table lamp 
Modern black pendant lamps and tables/chairs, motif black wall paper
Warm table lamp, black white feature wall on left and right
Modern art piece as center focus of room, vertical trellis beam wall
Disclaimers: Please note that the pictures shown do not depict our own works. We are just excited and eager to share some nice homes based that fits in to our theme and under any situation did we receive any form of incentives from the owner's of the works.

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