Thursday, October 29, 2015

SMART home lighting control system - Oct 2015

Hardware or things needed for a SMART home lighting control system;

1. WIFI (most homes would already have it in Singapore)

2. A Smartphone or tablet or a cool tech savvy wall switch.
Portable lighting control. From your Smartphone to tablet. Simple, elegant and easy to apply!

3. A central device; where your internet data cable and the DMX drivers are linked together. This is the central nerve system for your SMART home set up. It would allow the possibility for all electrical devices to be linked up and controlled via wifi.
* Note there are many vendors in this field. Do understand each gateways' pros and cons!
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4. DMX driver 

5. Good quality lighting

6. Software for your smartphone to communicate with the central device.

Disclaimer: We are merely sharing what we have come across during our lighting consultancy work and research. We do not claim ownership of the pictures nor that the items presented in the above are all compatible with each other. For interested parties, please feel free to contact us where we will consider your budget, needs and resource availability to achieve a smart home. 


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