Friday, December 11, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Dec 15 (Blue theme)

By far the most popular colour group; blue is one of the most versatile colours that in its darkest hues is dramatic and the lightest tone being light-hearted / airy.

By creatively adding different mix of paint, we can achieve other hues to create stunning teals, turquoises, dusty bluish grays and more.

Blue is traditional and vintage in its darker tones. Contrasting it with hints of gold makes the whole environment posh and grand.

On the other end of the spectrum, we can easyily add white to a standard blue paint to achieve the different shades of light blue required. Light blue gives a breezy feeling and brighten up rooms.  Lighter tones also have calming effects, thus it is perfect for a space to retreat and relax.

Of course, every home is different. With the selected lighting fixture and furnishings, it can affect the look of a paint colour. Here are some great examples for your consideration to start if you were thinking of adding a splash of blue hue to a wall or furniture piece.

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