Monday, December 21, 2015

LED Lights, LED Linear bar lights - Bayshore Underpass upgraded complete.

All for LED Lights in the Bayshore underpass in Singapore. From our knowledge, an underpass project is awarded by our Singapore Land Transport Authority ("LTA").

This project is surely worth mentioning in relation to its LED lighting adoption. And that is because;
1. A LTA underpass project that completely uses LED lightings for the entire lighting system,
2. The design of the adopted LED Linear bar light is both aesthetic and slim,
3. Using of clear optical lens showing the LEDs directly to pedastrians.

We would like to commend how far our Singapore society had advanced from 5 years ago in terms of LED lightings. At first, most agencies were skeptical with LED lights with its much higher costs compared to traditional lighting. When LED lights are increasing being adopted, there is a fear of the LED lights being too glaring and might cause safety issues to pedastrians or road users.

Now in this underpass, we see LED linear bar lights having expose LED lights through a clear optical lens. The breakthrough in mindset of having expose LED lights rather than hiding the LEDs behind some frosted diffuser helps to enhance the areas' lux level. It also shows how comfortable we have become with the nature of LED lights and fixtures.


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  1. It is more efficient to use LED lights because of its long life and it is energy efficient lights.