Tuesday, December 8, 2015

LED Lights, lightings, illumination, sparkle and flame

Lights has been one of the most important enabler for human race to progress and develop ourselves. Lighting is beyond security, livelihoods, giving directions and many more. Silent in itself, it has allow the world to progress in every little way possible.

From the arts to technology, from the most basic of human needs to the most ambitious of human minds can conjure - Lighting has been an integral element in all these processes.

Lightings created by nature, e.g. shooting stars darting across the skies, Aurora Boreali, has inspired both fear awe and respect in us of the world we are in.

Famous artists uses different shades of lightings in their masterpieces to present various impressions. All of which to induce our eyes and minds to think beyond the physical image.

The backlit OLED or light source for our computer screens made us see things in the smallest and most detailed way. From games to work software like autocad or building information modelling systems.

Much of our world would be stuck in an analog or even ancient age without the advancement of lighting technologies.

Things like the following will be non existential;
1. Light indicator - for mobile electronic gadgets or 'pick to light' inventory system,
2. Smart technology - Street lamps or lighting systems linking to control data centres,
3. OLED technology - electronic visual display

For today, let us celebrate the upcoming christmas season with great pictures taken by dedicated photographers. LED lights or not, it is the passion within hearts and minds that materialises things!

Pictures were seen on the link below. We share these pictures in hope that these pictures will touch/inspire you as they have on us.

References: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos
Belgium_Photo by Adriana Yampey
London_Photo by Agradoot Ghatak

Minneapolis_Photo by Dave Parker
Notre Dame Basilica_Photo by Vinod Roshan

Scotland_Photo by Eddie Bayne
Singapore_Photo by Swee Ong Wu

Tokyo_Photo by Hiro Kurashina
Vietnam_Photo by Brandon Pham

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