Thursday, May 8, 2014

LED Bulbs: What to Know Before You Buy

Advancement of LED lighting Apr 2014 and how to chose appropriate LED lightings;

1. Various shapes and sizes
2. Different colour rendering index (simply put, the natural colour of objects reflected from the LED lights; 100 being the reference bench mark from sunlight)
3. Different costing
4. Dimmable function?
5. Trust your eyes?

By viewing the video through the link below, one can probably associate with the confusion of so 'MANY LED lightings' these days in different shapes and sizes. Also, the plummeting prices available in the market these days makes it even more confusing to chose whats good.

In fact, the speaker in the video emphasis to trust your eyes while making a decision of what LED lighting colours to chose. I agree with it as no matter how people were to tell you about lighting, it is about being comfortable to the user and fulfills the user's expectations.

You need a good reliable vendor to not only explain to you in simple terms about LEDs, they should also offer a bench mark range of quality to cost. That might give a better appreciation of LED lighting to the prices. All the above will probably be minimal technical expertise a reliable vendor can assist users.

Give us a call if you are confuse and we will make it as easy as ABC to understand the above.


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