Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LED ceiling lights for Suntec City Singapore, level 4 convention hall

For the past few visits to Suntec City convention hall, i'm amazed by the LED light ceiling set up dotting the ceiling of the hall. One can see the numerous, symmetrical and evenly spaced LED lightings  on the ceiling staring down at you. It can be dizzy for a moment; but the experiential rewards will make it worthwhile when the lights are in action.

With the knowledge and application of LED lightings and controls, one can expect to achieve functionality, innovation and sensual experiences all at the same time. Such projects will certainly come with a price tag comprising of consultancy time costs, product specifications, testing and finally implementation and installation. But i'm sure all these will be worth every penny for the customer as each set up is surely the one and only unique lighting design and display in the world. It will be an iconic representation for any property, e.g. the Gangnam Gallery in Seoul that had its facade fixed with LED lightings from Philips Lighting.

While many vendors are supplying LED lightings, few can claim knowledge of knowing how to create such intricate designs. At Illuminating Asia, we aspire to inspire through LED lightings. We will be glad to share our know-how with everyone (LED lighting suppliers included) to bring LED lighting to the next pinnacle.

I came across the article from the following link and thought it be interesting to share.

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