Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mega 360° shape LED Screen that is as good as alive, vivid vibrant exhilarating!

I came across this article while researching on how to enhance our flexible LED screen display. The set up by BARCO is extremely exhilarating and i'm sure it will fire up the imaginations of all electrical engineers, lighting display architects and users and students involve in this field !! Do read up on this amazing piece and definitely world class screen!

- Transformable LED screen
- Shape Shifter LED screen
- Apex of LED lighting and mechanical engineering combined

Barco creates giant 360-degree LED screen for U2 tour

Barco U1 photo BarcoU1_zps29b551a6.jpgBarco U3 photo BarcoU2_zps37190975.jpgBarco U2 photo BarcoU3_zpsdc9d97ef.jpgBarco U4 photo BarcoU4_zpsdf6e7298.jpgBarco U5 photo BarcoU5_zps78f66cb9.jpg


Separately we are also working hard in developing our know-how and mastering the different engineering techniques required to bring LED lighting displays to the greatest height. With our LED technology and hardware knowledge, we aspire to create engineering feats as the above.

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