Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LED lightings on clothes, fashion apparels design

LED lightings on clothes and fabrics have been developing very quickly in lighting up shoes, bags, dresses, shirts, caps and many other fashion accessories. They are going to be safe for sure.

It used to be that LED lightings were implanted directly on to fashion apparels. These days, the lightings assimilate and integrate with the design of the clothes. The ease of integrating LED lightings is not limited to just building infrastructure. It opens up many more possibilities for fashion and apparel designers.

In addition, we are looking at the available technology that makes use of kinetic energy generated by physical movements to power the LED clothes.

Some examples below to share :)
 photo LEDjumpsuitusingELwire_zps85456901.jpg photo LEDShirt_zps30a2a074.jpg photo LEDBraset_zpsc4434504.jpg photo LEDDresstop_zps639a5da6.jpg photo LEDShoe_zps6a536989.jpg
Each piece of clothing are all handcrafted, unique and inspiring. The LED lights exuding from an individual definitely adds to their confidence and style. Most fashion apparels objective is to make an individual shine. Now we have it literally!


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